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2009-07-28 14:03:18 by TRIGGERHPY


drawing tablet

2009-07-03 18:42:19 by TRIGGERHPY

gettin a drawin tablet, so flash won't suck. (if youve seen happy harrys more recent flashes, like chucks new tux, i draw a lot like that. And i'll honestly say i don't draw like crap.)

so suprising

2008-12-17 18:23:57 by TRIGGERHPY


that dumb trailer

2008-10-15 16:28:03 by TRIGGERHPY

RUC trailer is just a big flop, it's NOT what im capable of. I wasn't trying and I can do better.

new movie i just talked bout

2008-10-04 09:32:02 by TRIGGERHPY

i'm making a new movie called "Remaining Units contain" (AKA Nova Prospekt Outbreak)

It takes place in the Half-Life 2 universe, before the combine were completley finished with thier military. They expermented with Bio warfare. The advisors sent it to C17 to test the effects on prisoners at Nova Prospekt. It went wrong...

the previews about done, just a few hundred more frames, it's at 1127 now.

when its done

2008-09-26 21:34:56 by TRIGGERHPY

the nova prospekt outbreak

when its done.

madness day 08

2008-09-04 15:43:02 by TRIGGERHPY

on september 22nd, im going to submit a madness flash for madness day 08. if i can make the deadline, if not, ill release it anyway. i hope i could come in the top 10, i need some money for a few things. it'll actually all go to a new computer, i cant stand this emachines.

(but im gonna slack off a little, probably wont win anything.)


2008-08-25 13:52:48 by TRIGGERHPY

i need a little help.

if you can do this for me:
make an OICW assault rifle with removable clip as a movie clip
a mp7a1 with removable clip as a movie clip
HL2 alpha sniper rifle as movie clip
help me with gasmask's, ive been having trouble makin them for teh combine.

if you cant do atleast 1 of these things for me then... get the hell out!
I got a oicw picture to help, no sniper, for mp7 you could google images it.



2008-08-23 11:53:03 by TRIGGERHPY

i renamed ALPHA, missing information. ALPHA seemed like a stupid name.

<check that cool picture out! what is it you ask. well its... not rapture, its c17!


2008-08-18 14:34:07 by TRIGGERHPY

ive been trying to make new things, but my computer keeps crashing and being an ass.

so theres a delay on... just about anything ill ever make! woohooo...