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2008-08-13 07:37:49 by TRIGGERHPY

im about done the wasteland part of my HL2 alpha flash. theres a preview video coming in about a month.

dont expect it this year, I might put it off for a while. since i got a few other things i wanna work on.

AIR EXCHANGE flash... maybe

2008-07-25 07:33:33 by TRIGGERHPY

i took up flash a while ago actually and have been practicing and getting good, and i loved the cut AIREX levels from half-life 2 alpha. So im going to make an adaption of the first few stages, maybe even make a flash of ALL cut levels and content.

no pictures or short bits at the moment, iv been having a bit of computer problems.

that big daddy

2008-06-15 16:32:03 by TRIGGERHPY

whats up with him? any guesses if what those two things on his hands do? maybe appearence in bioshock 2? I think it's some sort of hydralic thingy.

that big daddy